GPT 3 SEO: Can Open AI GPT 3 Cause The SEO Apocalypse?

SEO is Human Intelligence Vs. Machine Intelligence.

Today we will discuss GPT 3 SEO. To elaborate, how Open AI’s new baby GPT 3 will impact Search Engine Optimization in 2021 and onward. And can Open AI GPT 3 cause the SEO Apocalypse?

SEO the abbreviation stands for Search Engine Optimization. GPT 3 is Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 is a language prediction model discovered by Open AI.

SEO is a task to generate organic traffic for your website. Thus, SEO concentrates on increase the quality and quantity of organic traffic to a website. Now, organic traffic suggests your website should rank on the top of SERP of the search engines (Viz. Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) to acquire the same. To conclude, SEO is the systematic process to achieve boundless organic traffic for a website.

Now, GPT 3 is a kind of Natural Language Processing which can generate human-like text. Here lies the awful thing. Cause, we all know that SEO is all about the content. Of course, you will say that Brian Dean said there is almost 200 Google Ranking Factors. Now, that is true. But, without content whether that 200 ranking factors will work? No, a big No. Content is the King of the SEO jungle.

Then, GPT 3 SEO is all about how machine generated content will impact the search ranking. Does GPT 3 SEO mean the end of content and copy-writing jobs? How, Google and all other search engines will treat the GPT 3 generated content. Are you skeptic? Oh, you should be afraid. Because, GPT 3 SEO turns out to be the Google SEO apocalypse.

Further, in this article of GPT 3 SEO we will explain and try to find the truth and the article mainly covers the following,

SEO Then & Now

Now, to make it clear for the term search engine we will mainly concentrate on Google. And, through the term SEO, we will mean the process to rank on the top of Google SERP.

Therefore, in the beginning Google was a PageRank algorithm. Which means a webpage was ranked by the number of pages that referring (Known as hyper reference aka backlinks). Page Rank is measured in between 1 to 10. With advancement of technology now-a-day Google evolved as deep learning algorithm.

Google’s BERT, Hummingbird, Rankbrain and many others are based on natural language processing, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. Thus, to rank well in Google you need to be authoritative and trustworthy. After that, you have to create unique text content. In addition, you have to comply other ranking factors as demanded by Google Algorithm.

Therefore, now-a-days SEO is all about Human Intelligence vs. Machine Intelligence.

What we try to say in this paragraph, is that in the past SEO was completely a different thing. But, now SEO is mainly influenced by artificial intelligence, natural language processing and machine learning. In the context of GPT 3 SEO this point is very crucial. We will discover why it is so?

Machine Intelligence vs. Human Intelligence

Open AI GPT 3 Brief Introduction

To start with, GPT 3 is an AI and NLP based language model that harness deep learning to generate content (text, image, video, & audio) exactly like human. It is developed by San Francisco based AI research company Open AI. Yup, Elon Musk, Peter Theil and many other prominent personalities are there behind Open AI.

Essentially, GPT 3 is a version of Natural Language Processing (NLP), which enables machines to read, understand and communicate human language. It is the third generation language prediction model in the GPT n series and a successor of GPT 2.

Now, the full version of GPT 3 has 175 billion machine learning parameters. While GPT 2 had 1.5 billion parameters and Microsoft’s Turing NLG has 17 billion parameters GPT 3 is supposed to be a monster.

After that, the main task of NLP is to extract meaningful information from unstructured data. The five (5) primary task of Natural Language Processing (NLP) are,

  • Text Classification (Sentiment Analysis, Topic Detection, Intent Detection)
  • Text Extraction (Keyword Extraction, Named Entity Recognition)
  • Topic Modelling (Similar to Text Classification but size of input is larger)
  • Machine Translation (Google Translate)
  • Natural Language Generation (Open AI GPT 3 is an example of NLG).

Now, who are new to the AI or ML, NLP may sound very futuristic. But, you must be astonished as by the reading of this article a NLP device may be within your arm-reach. Yep, Amazon Alexa, Microsoft Cortana, Apple Siri, Google’s Voice search feature all are examples of NLP.

Probably, you get the picture now. Open AI GPT 3 is an AI and NLP based deep learning algorithm (5th Kind as per above classification of NLP). Open AI GPT 3 is an auto-regressive, powerful, and human-like language generation model.

Open AI GPT 3

What is GPT 3 SEO?

Here lies the million dollar question, what is GPT 3 SEO?

Therefore, GPT 3 SEO is a technique to use GPT 3 based tools in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Now, that is a pretty much stupid and simple definition.

What we are trying to say is that, GPT 3 SEO is nothing but utilize the power of content creation of Open AI GPT 3 in executing SEO tasks. However, the power of GPT 3 can be utilized in various ways in executing SEO tasks apart from content creation. We hope now it makes some sense. What do you think? Okay, lets have a deep dive into the matter.

SEO Optimized Content Curation

When it comes to SEO, Open AI GPT 3 may become faithful pet dog in many ways. While content creation, GPT 3 can naturally embed keywords into your content. By understanding the context of the other contents available, GPT 3 can produce keyword optimized content for you. This in turn will improve the ranking of your content in Google. However, we cannot consider the same as ultimate. This means a further human touch is necessary to make the produced content invincible. Thus, you may achieve a better search visibility and average position than your competitor.

The Creation

Content Research & Ideation

As long as you work hard to generate new content ideas, create content outlines GPT 3 will indeed shines in this matter also and save your precious time. GPT 3 is capable of generating content verbatim. However, GPT 3 generates content word-by-word. Then, it may be difficult for the algorithm to perform consistently when the content extends to more paragraphs. But, the same is also dependent on the input or the learning materials supplied. Therefore, relying on Open AI GPT 3 completely, one can aggregate and compare the idea of top performing contents. Thus, GPT 3 can be used in content aggregation and comparison to outline new content ideas.

Quick Bottom line of GPT 3 SEO

In conclusion, we may say the more content you produce, the more organic keywords you add. As a result, there is a fair chance of increasing organic CTR and visibility. In turn, it will help new users to find your website and increase the sales. Moreover, the more pages of your site crawled by Google bot, the more your website’s authority increase.

Till now, we have explored GPT 3 SEO as a boon. This means we have considered GPT 3 as a helping hand in performing SEO tasks, automating SEO tasks, and saving time and money as well. But, this is not the end of world. Here, few questions arises about GPT 3 SEO as follows,

  • Whether the GPT 3 based contents are creditable? (However, we have found a good article on SEO scoring of a GPT 3 based content and you can find it here.)
  • Whether GPT 3 can automate On-Page SEO tasks? (Can it put image alt attribute all by itself ?)
  • How GPT 3 will impact the Off-Page SEO strategies like Link Building? (At least, it can write outreach emails all by itself.)
  • How much intelligent GPT 3 is to execute Technical SEO aspects? (can GPT 3 handle Redirects or auto-generate schema-markup?)
  • How Open AI GPT 3 will impact SEO or Google? (Can GPT 3 cause the SEO Apocalypse and why or how?)

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