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Best Digital Marketing Agency in India 2021

Growth Hacking

What We Do? You are Wondering What the Exact Work 6Empire Do or What Services 6Empire Offer? What Technology 6Empire Use? Friend, As of Now, You Know We are The Best Digital Marketing Agency in India 2020. Now, Let us understand What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing indicates to Advertising Delivered Through Online Mediums Such as Search Engines, Websites, Social Media, Email, and Mobile Apps. Using These Online Mediums, Digital Marketing is the Process by Which Companies Either Sells Goods/Services, or Promote Their Brands. Do Digital Marketing With The Best Digital Marketing Agency in India 2020.

Now, What is Growth Hacking? Growth Hacking is an All-around Term for Tactics Focused Solely on Growth of Business. It is Generally Used in Relation to Early-Stage Startups Who Need Massive Growth in a Short Time Period on Tiny Budgets. Growth Hacking – The Term Coined By Sean Ellis in 2010.

Thus, We help Startups to Grow and Achieve Their Destiny Through Branding, Marketing, and Designing. We Leverage the Power of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Based Tools to Craft Your Winning Strategy.


A Brand Name Helps People to Identify and Recognize Your Products or Services. Brand Differentiates You from the Competition, Helps You Connect with Customers Psychologically, and Builds Trust with Different Shareholders. 6Empire – The Best Digital Marketing Agency in India 2020 Build A Brand That Stands Out The Ultimate Test of Time and Space for You.


Marketing is the Action or Business of Promoting and Selling Products or Services, Including Market Research and Advertising. Reach Prospective Consumers, Turn Them into Lifelong Customers With Our Superb Game Plan. 6Empire – The Best Digital Marketing Agency in India 2020 Help You to Beat Your Competitors Out in The Market.


Graphics Design is for Cognitive Manipulation of Your Target Customers. Create a Visual Content That Build an Authority Among the Market. Our Expert Designers Believe in Aesthetics and Art. Typography, Iconography, Photography, Color and Illustration Can Change the Conversion Rate. 6Empire Understands The Taste of This Modern Gen-Y.


A Website is the First & Foremost Requirement to Build Your Very First Online Presence. In Simple Words, It is Something Like a Digital Business Card. A Website is a Collection of Web Pages and Related Content That is Identified by a Common Domain Name and Published on at Least One Web Server. Few examples are wikipedia.org, google.com, 6empire.com. 6empire.com is the Registered Domain of 6Empire – The Best Digital Marketing Agency in India 2020. All publicly accessible websites Collectively Constitute the World Wide Web.

Why Website Creation? A Website Will Make You Location Independent. You may Offer Your Products and Services Cross-border at Any Point of Time. It is Also a Connector/ Medium Through Which Your Customers will Interact With You. Thus, Website Creation is Must to Setup any Business in This Century. 6Empire – The Best Digital Marketing Agency in India 2020 will Create Rocket Fast, 100% Mobile Responsive, Secured Website for You.

Growth Hacking


Website Loading Speed is an  Important Factor of Core Web Vitals. Fast Website Improves User Experience and Decreases the Bounce Rate. More Users Love to Spend Time on Your Website More the Chances of Ranking Higher in Google. Who Likes a Website Which Loads Like a Speed of a Snail? Do You Prefer a Snail?


Mobile Responsiveness is Another Ranking Signals. Most of the People Today Access the Internet Through Hand-Held Devices Only. Thus, Your Website Must Look Pretty in Mobile Devices Also. If Your Website is Not Mobile Friendly You Will Loose The Google’s SEO Game. Don’t Fear, When 6Empire is There.


Website Must be Secured Enough to Shield DDoS, XSS, Local File Inclusion, Unauthorized Remote Access, Data Theft, Session Hijacking Attack. Just Think If Payment Gateway of an E-commerce Site Compromised, What May Happen? 6Empire – The Best Digital Marketing Agency in India 2020 Build “Digital Fortress”.


Who is the First Man on the Moon? What Do You Think? Of course, Everybody Know the Answer. He is None Other Than Neil Armstrong. People Never Remembered the Person Who is Say #2 or, #3 on the Moon or Somewhere Else. Yup, No One Want to Be on the #2 Page of Google. Because, People Only Click the Results on the #1 Page of Google. People Visit the #2 or, #3 Page Once in a Lifetime. So, Ranking Your Site on the #1 Page of Google SERP Results is the Damn Requirement. Only then, Organic Traffic Will Come to Your Site. 6Empire – The Best Digital Marketing Agency in India 2020 Promises You to Make You on the Very #1 Page of Google.

Who Told You SEO is Dead. No, SEO is not Dead. The Biggest & the Best Example is an Another Neil. He is Neil Patel – The SEO Guru. 6Empire – The Best Digital Marketing Agency in India 2020 Much Influenced from Neil Patel. SEO – Search Engine Optimization is a Long Term Game Plan. But, Before We Discuss on SEO Let Us Understand, How Google Search Engine Works and What are the Major Google Algorithms. Google Bot/Spider Simply Scans the World Wide Web and Indexes the Results of Web Pages into the Database. When We Search Google Offers the Best Result Based on Our Search Intent.

Much Before, Google Was a Page Rank Algorithm Which Ranks Pages Considering the Number of References from Other Pages (Known as Back Links). With Time, the Expansion of Internet Universe and the Advancement of Technology Google Now-a-days Leverage the Power of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to Rank a Website. The Major Google Algorithms are Hummingbird, Pigeon, Payday, Mobilegeddon, Panda, Penguin, and Rankbrain. Google is Now Smart Enough to Catch Your Tricky Blackhat SEO Tactics. Today, Keyword Stuffing and Spammy Backlinks are Funny and not Going to Help You Anymore. The Intelligent Keyword Research Technique and The Quality, Uniqueness and Authority of Content are Everything. Build Your Authority Site with 6Empire – The Best Digital Marketing Agency in India 2020.

In addition to Quality Content, You Have to Optimize On-page SEO, Off-Page SEO, and Technical SEO. These are Three Main Category of Search Engine Optimization. On-Page SEO is all About Structuring the Content in a Google Friendly Way. Off-Page SEO Concentrate on Link Building. Technical SEO Tells about Page Speed, Bounce Rate, User Experience, And Mobile Friendliness. 6Empire – The Best Digital Marketing Agency in India 2020 Master the Art of SEO. SEO is Human Intelligence vs. Machine Intelligence. 6Empire – The Best Digital Marketing Agency in India 2020 uses Google Search Console, Google Analytics and Other Paid SEO Tools Like Ahrefs, SemRush, Moz, and SpyFu.


You Find a Low Competition and High Search Volume Keywords (Key Word Research). You Create and Structure the Content (On-page SEO). The Next Step is Technical SEO. Technical SEO Defines Page Speed, Bounce Rate, UI/UX, and Mobile Friendliness. To Further Improve Technical Aspect 301 Redirects, Fixing Crawl Errors, Fixing Broken Internal and Outbound Links are Necessary. 6Empire – The Best Digital marketing Agency in India 2020 Takes Care of Technical Aspects of SEO Very Well.


Local SEO is All About Increasing Search Visibility of a Business That Serves Communities Face-to-face. Local SEO is for Local Business Which Offers Service/Product to a Specific Service Area/ Geographical Area. How to Improve Your Google Map Search Visibility? You Should Concern When People Search With a Keyword Which Match Your Products/ Services Your Name Should Come First. Local Listings, Citations, Reviews, and Ratings Play Important Role in Local SEO Tactics.


Link Building is the Process of Acquiring Hyperlinks from Other Domains to Your Website. Link Building is a Part of Off-page SEO. Hyperlinks or Backlinks are the Most Essential Ranking Factors. Due to Highly Competitive Situation, Acquiring High Domain Authority and Page Authority Backlinks Are Necessary. Spammy Backlinks Will Increase the Spam Score. 6Empire – The Best Digital Marketing Agency in India 2020 Acquires High Quality White Hat Backlinks for Their Clients.

Best Digital Marketing Agency in India 2020


So Far, We Have Understood Search Engine Optimization – Through Which Organic Traffic/ Buyer Source Can be Explored. Another Source of Organic Traffic Can be Social Media. However, Paid Traffic Can be Generated Through Search Engine Marketing (Google Ad, Bing Ad etc.) but, We are More Concern about Paid Traffic Exploration with Social Media Only. Now, What is Social Media Marketing? Social Media Marketing Refers to the Process by Which We Create Engaging Content on Popular Social Media Platforms and Market Our Business. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest now-a-days Become Trustworthy Source of Organic as well as Paid Traffic. Because, People Remain Active Most of the Time on Social Media Platforms.

The Main Goals of Social Media Marketing – 1. Creating Brand Identity, 2. Raising Brand Awareness, 3. Establishing Brand Association, 4. Conversions, 5. Improvising Through Feedback, 6. Increasing Website Traffic. 6Empire – The Best Digital Marketing Agency Has a Dedicated Team of Social Media Experts and Analysts Who Take Care of Every Aspects Like an Eagle.


PPC Stands for Pay-per-click, a Model of Internet Marketing in Which Advertisers Pay a Fee Each Time One of Their Ads is Clicked. Essentially, It’s a Way of Buying Visits to Your Site, Generating Leads for Your Business Rather Than Attempting to “Earn” Those Leads/ Visits Organically. PPC Ad Campaign Can be Organised Through Search Engines or Social Media Platforms. PPC Ad Campaign is Necessary to Remain Competitive in the Market. 6Empire – The Best Digital Marketing Agency Arrange Optimized Ad Campaign Within Your Budget.


Conversion Rate Optimization is the Procedure in Which Desired Goals/Actions/Results of a Say PPC Ad Campaign Can be Increased/ Optimized. Thus, Conversion Rate Optimization is All about Increasing Profit by Enhancing the Produced Goals/Actions/Results in a Scientific Way. Increasing Website Visitors is Also an Example of CRO. A/B Testing is an Integral Part of Conversion Rate Optimization. Increase the Conversion Rate and Turn Your Run-the-Mill Business into a Wealth Generating Machine With 6Empire – The Best Digital Marketing Agency in India 2020.


Email Marketing is the Age-old Procedure of Creating Engagement Through Sending Emails. Who Do Not Heard About Mailchimp, Active Campaign, Aweber, Drip or Sendinblue? None. Email Marketing is Still Relevant and Produce Healthy Conversion Rate till Date. 6Empire – The Best Digital Marketing Agency in India 2020 Arrange Successful Email campaigns for Their Clients. Email Marketing Today Became More Attractive with Intelligent Automation. Don’t You Want to Launch Your #1 Email Campaign with the Best Digital marketing Agency in India 2020 – 6Empire.

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